Have You Dreamed of Starting Your Own Bible Institute Right in Your Own Church?


We are searching for a CHARTER group of pastors just like you.

The Church Bible Institute is a turnkey, Internet-based, all-inclusive Bible Institute that is built, designed, supplied, and installed for your church as a 21st century, online Bible Institute. It is complete and ready to operate. In other words, it is geared to provide everything your church needs to start your own church-based Bible Institute online.

This program will aid your local church in your duties of teaching biblical truths to those men and women in your care. Each of your students can study from their personal computer, at their own schedule, and at their own pace.

The Church Bible Institute is a professionally-planned, state-of-the-art, online Biblical program, which is uniquely geared to help Christians know the Word of God and grow in their relationship with God through this knowledge.

It has been proven that when you teach an individual, they become dedicated to their teacher and institution. What better way to create loyal members of your church than to teach them the Word of God through your own Church Bible Institute.

Your Own Church Institute within 1 day

The online structure of Church Bible Institute allows your students easy access anywhere they have Internet connection. All aspects of the Church Bible Institute program are controlled and implemented by you, the participating pastor, and your local church. This includes tuition costs, curriculum additions, etc.

The function of Church Bible Institute is to aid in the immediate opening of a church-based Bible Institute by furnishing the all-inclusive study curriculum, tests, and marketing material.

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Teach Students From Your Local Church

Just think — you can teach your own people the Bible and grant a Certificate in Biblical Studies to your graduates at your church — RIGHT WHERE YOU LIVE. Your church members don’t have to move. They don’t have to quit their jobs, and the best part is they don’t have to leave your church.

Here is how you can qualify. You must:

Extra Income For Your Church

Some pastors have used their Bible Institute to gain part-time income or to pay for certain items at their church…all the while, training those committed members of the congregation to advance their knowledge in the Scriptures. This, in turn, enhances the outreach of your entire church.

What a blessing!

Just think, you can be the President of your own Bible Institute and direct people in the instruction of God’s Holy Word. You can watch your people grow in the knowledge of Scripture so that they can really help you build a stronger church and reach many souls for Christ — right where you live, right in your home town, right in your own church!

The curriculum has been prepared for you by Dr. H. L. Willmington, Dean of the Willmington School of the Bible and a Bible scholar to whom God has given the spiritual gift of teaching. For 54 years, he has been using that gift to teach Christians how to study the Word of God, and he has taught over 100,000 students.

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Graduation in Cap & Gown in Your Own Church

Now, think about your graduates. What a wonderful gift they will receive when you award them with their Certificate for their completion of the courses. Not to mention how proud you will feel when you see them march across the room in their cap and gown to shake your hand and receive their Certificate from you.

Just think about how they will feel knowing they have completed a very important step in their lives and what joy you will bring to their family and friends who have come to witness such an event — all because you have chosen to start your own church Bible Institute.

Your Bible Institute is ALL prepared for you — every lecture, every lesson plan (135 lessons in all), teachers guides, 22-30 minute audio overviews from Dr. Willmington, student workbooks, integrated presentations, quizzes that are auto-graded online, the unit tests, and all the marketing materials you will need to get started, attract, and recruit your students. As an extra bonus, you even get your own online Institute Bookstore — all using a 21st-Century online teaching environment.

All that your students have to do is enter their password and start learning.

For this to happen, you need to order your own Church Bible Institute TODAY.

Enroll up to 100 For a Single Fee

As a licensee, you are authorized to award Certificates up to 100 students at your church who have completed the course requirements under your leadership. You are charged a yearly license fee of $295.00

You cannot resell the materials. But, you can charge each of your students an enrollment fee (if that is what you choose to do), or you can simply allow students at your church to take the courses for free.

It’s your choice.

The Church Bible Institute has an annual license fee of $295, for you to get your Bible Institute started.

In other words — you and your church can start and own your own Bible Institute for less than it would cost for a single student to take a few courses at most Bible colleges! And, this is without sacrificing any Bible instruction!

To continue your Bible Institute each year, you will only pay the $295 license fee for each 100 STUDENT ENROLLED.

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